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Tree Trimming Cost

While trees are often planted as ornaments, they only improve visual appeal when they are properly groomed and maintained. If you ignore your tree, the crown will grow out of shape and develop dead and broken branches.  In addition to damaging your home’s aesthetic...

Tree Removal Costs

Tree removals in Indianapolis cost $200 to $2000. However, since most property owners do not go into the extremes in terms of tree size, the more common tree removal cost ranges between $400 and $1,200, with the medium-sized tree costing $750.  Various factors affect...

Tree Pruning Cost

Professional tree pruners in Indianapolis charge $75 to $2000 to prune a single tree. Homeowners with average-sized trees enjoy a lower tree pruning cost, with professionals charging $350 to $650. The typical medium-sized tree with low to medium risks will set you...
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