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Tree Removal Costs

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Uncategorized

Tree removals in Indianapolis cost $200 to $2000. However, since most property owners do not go into the extremes in terms of tree size, the more common tree removal cost ranges between $400 and $1,200, with the medium-sized tree costing $750. 

Various factors affect the amount of money property owners spend on tree removal. Taking a deeper look at these factors should help you estimate the cost of removing your tree. 

Tree Removal Cost Factors in Indianapolis, Indiana 

1. Tree Size 

When it comes to tree size, tree removal experts consider both the tree height and the trunk diameter. However, since the trunk diameter increases with height, tree height has a bigger control over the tree removal cost. 

In Indianapolis, Indiana, tree removal experts charge $8 to $15 per foot of tree height. If you have one 150-foot tree and another tree with a height of just 30 feet, you should expect to pay between $1,200 and $2250 for the 150-foot tree and just $240 to $450 for the 30-foot tree. 

Taller trees have a higher tree removal cost for 2 major reasons: 

  • They are heavier – To control these trees during removal, the professionals often use bigger, more complicated tools. While a small, light tree can be controlled by a group of men with ropes, a tall, heavy tree may require a crane. 
  • They put a large area at risk – A 150-foot tree will put a circle with a radius of 150 feet under risk. This means a lot of planning will have to be done to bring the tree down without touching any of the utilities nearby. 

Below, we have outlined the costs to expect when removing trees of varying heights: 

Small Tree Removal Cost 

Trees with a height of below 30 feet are classified in the small tree category. The trees have a trunk diameter of below 15 inches. These trees are easier to work on, taking an hour or two to bring down. You should expect a cost of between $150 and $400 for small trees. 

Medium Tree Removal Cost 

These trees have a height of 30 to 60 feet. Their trunk diameters range from 15 to 19 inches. On average, medium trees take 4 to 8 hours to bring down. The medium tree removal cost ranges from $450 to $700. 

Large Tree Removal Cost 

For a tree to be considered large in Indianapolis, it will need a height of 60 – 100 feet. These trees have a trunk diameter of 20 to 24 inches. Professional tree service providers take one or more days to bring the large trees down safely – you should expect to be charged $900 to $1,200 for these trees. 

Very Large Tree Removal Cost 

In Indianapolis, trees that fit in the very large category include palm, white pine, and sequoia. These trees mature at a height of above 100 feet and a trunk diameter of above 24 inches. The trees take multiple days to remove and cost $1,300 to $2000. 

Crane Assisted Removal 

Trees like eucalyptus can grow to over 200 feet. These trees carry a lot of weight and can be extremely risky when they are standing next to utility lines or near a house. 

To reduce the chances of the tree falling in the wrong direction and causing a lot of damage, tree removal experts often request the tree owner to rent a crane. In Indianapolis, cranes cost $200 to $600 to rent per day. Property owners may also be required to hire a crane operator at $50 to $100 per day. 

The cost of renting the crane is not included in the quoted tree removal cost – tree owners pay for it separately. If you had been quoted $1600 to remove your 90-foot sequoia, the cost may increase to about $1850 to $2,300 if the crane is needed. 

2. Tree species 

Different tree species have varying requirements when it comes to removal. Hardwood tree species will require more time to saw through their trunks than softwoods. Trees that grow to over 150 feet will require a lot of planning compared to tree species that reach maturity at a height of below 30 feet. 

Below, we will give you an idea of the amount of money you should expect to pay to remove different tree species: 

Magnolia Tree Removal Cost 

Most magnolias reach maturity at a height of 30 to 40 feet. Professionals need an hour or two to remove a magnolia tree. The tree removal cost ranges from $375 to $500. 

Oak Tree Removal Cost 

Reaching maturity at heights between 60 and 100 feet, oaks are large trees. You will be charged $300 to $800 to remove oak trees with a height below 60 feet. Oaks with a height between 60 and 100 feet will cost you $800 to $1000. 

Sycamore Tree Removal Cost 

Sycamores are medium-sized trees, generally reaching maturity at a height of between 30 and 60 feet. To remove your sycamore tree, you should expect a cost of $600 to $900. 

Pine Tree Removal Cost 

The cost of removing a pine tree varies depending on the tree’s height. Pine tree subspecies mature at heights between 60 and 150 feet. Trees with a height of between 30 and 60 feet will cost you $200 to $800. Pines with a height of 60 to 150 feet will cost you $800 to $2000. 

Palm Tree Removal Cost 

You can remove small palms at $250 – $600. The bigger palms, however, have a higher tree removal cost, generally averaging at $1,200. Most palms reach maturity at a height of about 80 feet. 

3. Tree Condition

The major conditions that affect tree removal cost include: 

  • Decays and cavities – These are proof that a tree is unstable and may fall unexpectedly during removal. To minimize the possibility of the tree falling and causing a lot of damage, tree removal experts may prefer to stabilize the tree before removal. Alternatively, professionals may decide to cut the tree from the crown, foot by foot, while moving towards the base. Both options will increase tree removal cost. 
  • Weak branches – If these branches have a high risk of falling, tree pruning may need to be conducted before bringing the tree down. The extra service will lead to a higher tree removal cost. 
  • Significant lean – Trees that are leaning over an open field are generally more affordable to remove. However, trees that are leaning on houses or other important utilities may feature a higher tree removal cost. 
  • Multiple trunks – Multiple trunks are not a major concern if they are strongly attached to the main trunk. If the trunks, however, do feature the risk of falling during tree removal, the professionals may need to concentrate on one trunk at a time. 
  • Dead trees – Dead trees are lighter than live trees. This makes their tree removal cost more affordable, with professionals charging $75 to $400. 
  • Fallen trees – If the tree has fallen on open space, meaning it is not lying on anything that may suffer damage, the tree removal cost sits between $75 and $150. However, if the tree is lying on a sensitive structure, you may need to spend more money on the tree’s removal. 

4. Additional Services

Tree removal is accompanied by several extra services. You will have to pay for these services separately: 

  • Tree Chipping – This service is needed to turn the tree trunk into portable chips. Tree owners spend $50 to $100 on tree chipping. 
  • Wood splitting – This service is best suited for homeowners with wood-fired cookers or heaters. To convert your tree into firewood, you will have to spend $50 to $100 on wood splitting. 
  • Inconvenience charge – This charge comes into play when you invite professionals to your home for emergency tree removal. Often, tree removal professionals have to work odd hours – including night hours – to take care of tree emergencies. The inconvenience charge is generally 10% of the normal tree removal cost. 
  • Permits and licenses – Before removing a tree, tree service providers are required to get a permit and a license. Both documents cost $60 to $150. 
  • Travel Fees – This cost is only applicable to tree owners who prefer to work with professionals located a significant distance from their homes. The travel fee is generally $0.5 per mile or a fixed cost of $50 to $200. 

Stump Removal Cost 

After removing a tree, the tree stump may need to be removed to improve safety. Left on the landscape, the stump will get covered with overgrowth. The moment it becomes invisible, the tree stump may turn into a hazard, causing injuries or destroying your lawn care equipment. 

Tree removal experts will charge you $100 to $150 to get rid of one tree stump. To remove more than one stump, the following prices may apply: 

  • Per stump cost – You will be charged $150 for the first stump. The remaining stumps may cost $50 each. 
  • Per hour cost – You will spend $150 on each hour the professional work on stump removal. 
  • Per diameter inch – Each diameter inch will cost you $2 to $3. A minimum cost of $100, however, is applicable. 
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